Reveal Cake


MY BFF IS PREGNANT! Can you tell I’m pumped? It was such an honor to be asked to make a reveal cake for her “Reveal Party”. A reveal party is basically what it sounds like. A party to reveal the sex of the baby. My bestie opted for a reveal cake. Meaning, the color of the inside of the cake clues you in to the gender. As you can tell by the pink, this sweet bundle of joy is a girl! I felt it was the perfect opportunity to try out an ombre cake recipe. I went full fledged diva on this cake from the ombre pink cake to the multi-colored crystal sprinkles. I tried to keep the outside a mystery by using pink and blue. This recipe was relatively easy with the most time consuming part being the icing. I wanted it to be as blended as possible. The trick is to not overwork it and embrace the imperfections (and a turn table, which i didn’t have). In hindsight I should have used less coloring for a more subtle sweet look but, it was still a hit. Everyone was so surprised and happy to hear the sweet news.


About heyitsmetay

Hello, I'm Taylor. I'm 23 and I love to design, paint, and learn. Currently I'm in the process of learning to cook. It's not easy but so far I've only had success. This is my first blog and I'm super excited about sharing some of the projects I've been working on. If you have a project for me please email me at

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  1. what a neat idea for the cake and the “reveal”! congrats to your BFF!

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