Halloween 2012

The best part of this make-up was not worrying about a “bad picture”. You didn’t have to worry about smiling or having a good face.

This was my favorite Halloween ever! First, you should know that I am easily spooked. I don’t watch scary movies or go to haunted houses. At least didn’t go to haunted houses. This year I went with a group of gal pals to a local haunted house. It was so fun and terrifying. Honestly, I don’t remember seeing anything because I covered my eyes for the most part. My sweet friend Bracie guided me along. The next weekend, I went to an incredible costume party. Yes, incredible. Everyone dressed up. There were no party poopers in site! My bestie Sara and I were skeleton sisters. She found this really cool youtube video on a skeleton make-up how-to. The only supplies needed were light foundation, black eyeshadow, and liquid eyeliner. We also used an eye make-up primer to prevent creases. I also painted some white leg bones on an old pair of tights I had. This costume was cheap! I basically had everything I needed. Check out the pics from below!

Look at this cutie vampire man from the Haunted House. His eyes were closed. Can you tell by the look of mine that I was freaked?

Check out my blonde babe skeleton sister. It was about 30 minutes each for make-up time.

Look at that little princess. The only time in my life I looked good as a blonde. Super Girl Forever!


About heyitsmetay

Hello, I'm Taylor. I'm 23 and I love to design, paint, and learn. Currently I'm in the process of learning to cook. It's not easy but so far I've only had success. This is my first blog and I'm super excited about sharing some of the projects I've been working on. If you have a project for me please email me at taylorbeyer@me.com.

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