This design is not an attempt to make a political statement. If you are anything like me you are over the “educated” political statements. No, this fun design is for a new series at my church called “Change”. Here’s a little overview:

Change. The word is thrown around often. So often, in fact, it doesn’t carry the intended weight the word contextually implies. Politicians promise change… for your vote. We promise change in our relationships to appease the other party because of some flaw or habit we have. Change is leveraged and abused to the point that it seems hopeless. God, however, thinks differently of change. He is in the business of changing things- people specifically.

The design inspiration for me on this particular project was color. I wanted it to be obvious that we were playing off the election but still take a different approach to the classic red, white, and blue. As you can tell, I went for a bright almost orangish red, multiple shades of blue, and greys. If you struggle with coming up with color combinations, I highly recommend visiting One of my favorite websites.

The greatest struggle for me as a designer is editing my own work. I am a very impatient (A.D.D.) designer. I usually spend most of my time processing in my head what I want to make and then try to finish it as quickly as possible. Terrible, I know. Looking back, I can see many beginner errors. But I’m working on it and hopefully this blog will help. (help my writing skills too).


About heyitsmetay

Hello, I'm Taylor. I'm 23 and I love to design, paint, and learn. Currently I'm in the process of learning to cook. It's not easy but so far I've only had success. This is my first blog and I'm super excited about sharing some of the projects I've been working on. If you have a project for me please email me at

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