Baby Emory Rose

Baby Pink Ombre Cake

You guys, I cannot even handle how excited I am. I am an aunt to the sweetest baby girl anyone ever did see. Last month for her baby shower, I made this baby pink ombre cake topped with roses. It was so easy! After planning and working on the entire shower, I did not have time to bake a cake from scratch. I made one of those “almost homemade” cakes.

Here’s how: Pick your favorite box cake flavoring, Add one extra egg, Replace water in the recipe with buttermilk.

I found a simple homemade buttercream recipe online. Just google it and there are plenty to choose from. For the food coloring use the gel coloring. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t water down your frosting. Separate your frosting into three containers. I only wanted a hint of baby pink so I barely put any gel coloring into the frosting. The top section I left white. Just blob the three containers onto the cake by section. One on the top, the middle, and the bottom. Then with a cake spatula, smooth the sections together. You don’t want to do too much smoothing. Try to keep the colors in their sections and just blend the colors. I read that you should use a turning table (lazy suzan) to turn the cake while holding the spatula still. It’s not necessary but it may make it easier on you. I just turned the cake by hand. As you can tell in the picture, there are a lot of air bubbles. I should have let the icing sit a little longer before putting it on the cake. However, I’m a procrastinator and never have time to wait. Don’t be like me. I’ve heard that you can gently hit the container on your counter top to force the air bubbles to the top.

This cake is three layers tall. I made a brighter pink frosting for in between the layers for a pop of color against the vanilla cake.

The cake looked really pretty with out any topper. I just happened to have some extra roses from bouquets we made. And I couldn’t resist since the sweet girl’s middle name is Rose.

The cake was a hit! Someone even asked me to make this for their wedding!

Email me your ombre cake pics!


Isn't she precious!

Isn’t she precious!


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